We are very excited about The BEACON  Psychic and Spiritual Retreat.


We are lining up great workshops for you to enjoy.  Here are some to wet your appetite CHARLOTTE GUSH. The Shamanic Way.  ASHLEY OLIVER. Altered States.  STEVE HOUNSOME. Tarot of your Soul also with Steve, The Healthy Aura. ALI PROTHERO. Vibrational Therapy. MICHELLE CHRISTOPHER. Rest, Restore and Rejuvenate. ANDY FORD. Runes also Enhance your Psychic abilities.                  HAZEL MCLISTER-BREWER. Mindfullness, Mediumship all levels, Egyptian forgiveness ceremony. KATHARINE HENEGAN Sacred Geometry also Numerology. PHILIP ALLEN. Regression. Also Phil will be asking for volunteers at evening dem, to be regressed!!  NATASHA ALLEN Drumming main hall evening.

More to come that your going to love!!!!!   They will be diverse, something for all. 

On the Friday evening we will all meet in the big hall at 8-30pm after dinner. We will be dancing the evening away with a DISCO. Fancy dress is optional, but if you want to ‘get into the swing’ the theme this year is FREE STYLE, SO LET YOUR IMAGINATION GO WILD.

We are extremely pleased to welcome the renowned natural

PSYCHIC ARTIST and MEDIUM – – SANDY INGHAM. – – to our Retreat.

Sandy is an accomplished natural psychic artist and medium, who works with Leo, her Spirit Artist, with exceptional accuracy.   Sandy will be on stage Saturday evening, plus,  holding a workshop in two parts, for us and will be available for PRIVATE 1-2-1 Sittings.  For a reading only – £45 – For portrait – £40  if booked together, for the RETREAT ONLY A SPECIAL PRICE of £75.     
Sandy will have her BOOKS and DVD’S for sale at our event.

On the Sunday night, in the big hall, we will join together for a DRUMMING session. This is great fun. Fancy being Regressed? now’s your chance as Phil will be asking for a group of volunteers to be up front!  Bring it on!!  


Many thanks. We look forward to meeting you.